Vet Info for Pet Parents

Take Advantage Of A First Free Vet Visit After Adopting A Cat

Bringing home a cat can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be a bit overwhelming with all the expenses involved in having a new pet. Even if you adopted your cat from a reputable animal shelter or rescue group, it's good to have a vet check your new furry friend over just to be safe. From doing a thorough wellness exam to microchipping your cat, a visit to the vet can be a great step after adopting a cat.

If you're hesitant due to the cost of a vet visit, look into the compensation for a first free vet visit that many shelters and rescue groups provide to new pet owners. 

Get Reimbursement from the Shelter

Visiting the vet after you've adopted a cat is an easy decision when the shelter or rescue group you adopted from provides new owners with a first free visit. Since there are limitations in what services are included, generally just a quick checkup, you'll need to check with the vet clinic to have this appointment scheduled.

You'll also need to check what the participating vet clinics are before scheduling an appointment to be reimbursed without issue. 

Check for Any Health Concerns

While the shelter or rescue group you adopted your cat from treated any health concerns they found, it's also a good idea to get a veterinarian's opinion. Not only will your vet be able to discuss and findings with you, but they can also have a record of your cat they can put in their file. 

Since some health concerns generally won't be treated by the animal shelter, such as a dental cleaning for gingivitis, visiting a vet can be a good idea.

Make a Plan for Future Wellness Care 

While you can't predict health concerns and illnesses in your new cat, you can take care of them by keeping up with vaccinations and annual wellness visits. By visiting the vet through a first free visit program, you can get make a plan together for future pet care. 

Taking care of your cat's health is essential to being a responsible pet owner. If you're getting ready to adopt a cat and find that the shelter or rescue group provides their first vet visit for free, consider the benefits of this appointment. With the above benefits of scheduling a vet visit shortly after adopting your cat, you can feel confident that they're in good health. 

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