Vet Info for Pet Parents

Does Your Dog Need Immediate Emergency Treatment?

Like people, dogs sometimes face emergency circumstances when they need to go to the hospital. If your dog has a health crisis in the middle of the night, your regular veterinarian probably won't be available to help them. Fortunately, 24 hour animal hospitals are open constantly, so your pet can always get the help they need. Here are four times when you shouldn't hesitate to get your dog emergency treatment:

1. They keep throwing up.

Dogs sometimes get upset stomachs, especially if you suddenly change their diet. Occasional vomiting isn't a cause for worry, but if your dog continues to vomit several times, you should take them to an animal hospital. Chronic vomiting can lead to dehydration, especially in conjunction with diarrhea. Vomiting may be a symptom of a stomach bug. Your veterinarian can give your dog medication to settle their stomachs. They can also treat dehydration using intravenous fluids.

2. They were injured.

Even if you do your best to keep your dog out of harm's way, they can still be injured by a number of different accidents. Dogs can sometimes escape and run into the street, where they can be hit by cars. Dogs may also become injured by falling objects or an attack by another animal. You should bring your dog to the animal hospital immediately if they're bleeding, limping, or if they appear to be in any pain at all. Some injuries can initially go undetected if they're internal injuries, but even these can be fatal if they aren't promptly treated.

3. They lose consciousness.

Sudden fainting is always a concern. It can be caused by dehydration, stroke, inadequate oxygen, or a number of other medical conditions. Loss of consciousness isn't always a symptom of a severe health problem, but it can be; you won't know what's wrong with your dog for sure until you get them to a veterinarian. 

4. They seem disoriented.

If your pet suddenly starts acting unusual, especially if they seem confused or disoriented, you should take them to an animal hospital. Seizures are neurological phenomena that occur when your pet's brain sends out the wrong electrical signals. A pet who has suffered a seizure may seem unsure of their surroundings. They may be uncoordinated and unable to walk properly. An emergency vet can evaluate your dog to make sure they didn't suffer lasting damage as a result of a seizure. If they're determined to have a condition such as epilepsy, they can be treated using anticonvulsant medication.