The Top Five Services Offered by Pet Dermatologists

All pet owners want the best for their furry companions, including maintaining their skin and coats in optimal health and vibrancy. Just like humans, pets can experience various dermatological issues, ranging from allergies to infections. A specialized pet dermatologist is trained to address these unique challenges. Here are five services offered by pet dermatologists to keep your pet's skin and fur in prime condition. 1. Allergy Testing and Management Allergies are one of the most common issues that pet dermatologists handle.

5 Signs Your Rabbit Needs to Go to the Vet

As a rabbit owner, ensuring the health and well-being of your furry friend is crucial. While rabbits are generally healthy animals, they are still prone to certain health issues that require medical attention. It’s important to know the signs that something may be wrong and to seek veterinary care as soon as possible. This blog post will discuss five common signs that your rabbit needs to go to the vet.

Conditions That Could Cause Your Dog To Use A Wheelchair

Dogs can encounter all sorts of mobility issues. Like humans, it's important to seek out options that can help with mobility. Your local veterinarian will have numerous suggestions that can benefit your dog. One option could be to have your dog use a wheelchair. These devices come in several different styles. They mount to the dog's body and have a pair of wheels that help the animal to move around. If your veterinarian feels that a wheelchair could benefit your pet, they'll recommend a specific model.

How To Find The Best Veterinarian For Your Puppy

If you have a puppy, you'll need to take them to the vet on a regular basis to get shots and check on their general health. You can be happy with the veterinarian you ultimately work with if you search for one using these strategies.  Utilize In-Person Visits to Check Facility Cleanliness One of the most important things to get in a veterinarian is one who operates in a clean environment.

Take Advantage Of A First Free Vet Visit After Adopting A Cat

Bringing home a cat can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be a bit overwhelming with all the expenses involved in having a new pet. Even if you adopted your cat from a reputable animal shelter or rescue group, it's good to have a vet check your new furry friend over just to be safe. From doing a thorough wellness exam to microchipping your cat, a visit to the vet can be a great step after adopting a cat.

3 Common Veterinarian Services Your Dog Needs

Your dog needs a lot of care, including veterinarian care. Naturally, if your dog gets sick or hurt, you should take your dog to the vet. However, there are many services your vet provides that can help your furry friend. If you would like to know more, keep reading. 1. Vaccinations Vaccinations are incredibly important for preventing serious diseases. They should start when your dog is a puppy and continue throughout your dog's life.

FAQ About Puppy Vaccinations

Did your loved one's dog have a large litter of puppies and you decided to take one home as your pet? Although puppies are cute and cuddly, owning one comes with an array of responsibilities that you must be aware of. If you have never owned a puppy before, the most important thing that you must learn is how to keep your pet healthy. Other than feeding and bathing your pet, you will need to make sure he or she receives vaccinations, as several shots will be needed as he or she grows older.

Does Your Dog Suffer From Separation Anxiety? 3 Signs That They Need Veterinary Care

If your dog suffers from severe anxiety, and the issues tend to get worse when you leave without them, it might be time to talk to a veterinarian. Separation anxiety can be a real problem for some dogs. Unfortunately, many pet owners don't realize that treatment is available. In fact, with the right treatment, your dog may be able to stay at home for longer periods of time. If you're not sure that your dog needs veterinary care for their separation anxiety, read the list provided below.

How To Prevent Urine Scald In Your Pet Rabbit

When you own a pet rabbit, one of the issues that you need to watch for is urine scald. This term describes a serious condition in which the rabbit develops a severe skin irritation around its back end as a result of excessive exposure to urine. Urine scald is typically easy to spot, as the animal's fur will be wet and you may notice red sores on its skin. If you're aware that your rabbit is suffering from urine scald, it's imperative that you visit a local veterinary clinic for the appropriate care.

How Do Microchips Help Cats Come Home?

Most cats will be given a collar at least once in their lifetimes. They're a classic form of easily identifying cats, as most people who see a cat with a collar will know that it has an owner somewhere. However, it's that somewhere that's a problem. When a cat only has a collar (with or without an ID tag) the likelihood of them making it home after being lost or missing is far less than if they also had a microchip.