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Conditions That Could Cause Your Dog To Use A Wheelchair

Dogs can encounter all sorts of mobility issues. Like humans, it's important to seek out options that can help with mobility. Your local veterinarian will have numerous suggestions that can benefit your dog. One option could be to have your dog use a wheelchair. These devices come in several different styles. They mount to the dog's body and have a pair of wheels that help the animal to move around. If your veterinarian feels that a wheelchair could benefit your pet, they'll recommend a specific model. Here are some conditions that could cause your dog to need a wheelchair.

Leg Amputation

There are several reasons that a dog may need to get one of its legs amputated. Injuries, including impacts with vehicles, can often lead to an amputation, as can diseases such as cancer. A dog can lead a happy life with just three legs, but you may find that the animal begins to have trouble getting around over time. If you still want the dog to be able to move freely, a wheelchair can be an asset. The device can give the dog a high degree of mobility that will compensate for its missing limb.


It's common for dogs to develop arthritis as they age. There are several warning signs of arthritis, including stiff movement, and seeing these signs should prompt you to schedule a veterinary checkup. While there are various ways that your vet may suggest trying to manage the dog's arthritis, they may also feel that using a wheelchair could be a good way to allow your pet to get around without pain. For example, if the animal has significant arthritis in its hind legs, a wheelchair will take some or all of the weight off the hind legs and allow the pet to move more comfortably.

Nerve Issues

There are many different nerve issues that can affect dogs, and the symptoms of these issues can be difficult. For example, if the pet has nerve issues in its hind legs, it might occasionally stumble because of a temporary loss of sensation in this part of its body. You might be nervous to take your dog on walks when it has nerve issues, but this can eliminate an important form of exercise. Your veterinarian may suggest having the dog use a wheelchair so that it can walk confidently and safely.

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