Vet Info for Pet Parents

How To Tell If A Pet Boarding Facility Is Right For Your Dog

Pet boarding facilities aren't all the same, and neither are dogs. Finding good pet boarding services that are also a nice fit for your dog can require you to do some research. Here are a few ways you can ascertain if a pet boarding facility is right for your dog:

Speak to Your Dog's Veterinarian

Your vet knows your dog, its temperament, and what kind of care will work best for it. Vets will also have a good idea which local pet boarding services will work best with your dog. Speak with the vet and ask about any special considerations or recommendations they may have concerning your dog's pet boarding needs.

You may have to speak with your vet anyway, as some boarding services will want a vet clearance before allowing your dog to stay. This helps to protect the facility as well as your dog.

Outside of any of these concerns, it can help to visit the vet just to make sure your dog has all their needed medications and vaccinations before you leave them in the care of a pet boarding service. Equally, the vet may recommend certain vaccinations for some of the more common dog ailments, such as kennel cough.

Some boarding services may require certain vaccinations before they will accept your dog. The service may also ask that you update certain vaccinations. You can preemptively request your dog's vaccination and medication records from your vet to have them ready at a boarding service's request.

Visit the Boarding Service's Facilities

Most pet boarding services will have no problem with letting you visit the facilities. Take a tour, look at how the place operates, and make sure to ask questions. Some services may also allow you to bring your dog along for the tour.

While you're there, meet the staff and ask them about their backgrounds and credentials. If your dog has special circumstances or a unique disposition, you can ask the staff members how they plan to accommodate those things.

Do Some Research on Your Own

If your schedule doesn't permit you to take the tour, you can still call the facility to ask questions. In addition, make sure you do your research online as well. A dog boarding facility with a good reputation will likely have an online presence of some sort. Look for reviews, ratings, and discussions about your local pet boarding services.

Between advice from your veterinarian and your research on local pet boarding services, you can figure out if the service will work for your dog.