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How Can You Tell Your Dog Needs Emergency Pet Care?

For many people, determining if a pet is in pain can be difficult. Pets often don't want to give away that they are in pain, and dogs are no exception. A dog experiencing pain does not want to look weak and risk being attacked, for instance.

Do you want to know if your pet is in pain? Do you need to know if your pet requires emergency care? These are some of the signs you should look for.

Antisocial Behavior

If your dog is suddenly very antisocial, avoiding you or even becoming aggressive toward you, it could be that he or she is in pain. In fact, you should look for any alarming change in behavior indicating that something is just not right. This could include your pet behaving aggressively toward other pets they were formerly friendly with.

Changes in Daily Habits

A dog that is in a lot of pain may not stop eating food, drinking water, and even playing. They may instead sleep all day. In some cases, they may spend all their time grooming themselves, which serves as a way to calm and soothe their pain. Your pet may not want to eat because of tooth pain, for instance.

Making Different Noises

Dogs become more vocal sometimes when they are hurting. They may howl, yowl, growl, or snarl when they are bothered. Your dog may pant heavily, even when simply sitting down. Their shallow breathing can make a lot of noise you don't typically expect from your pet.

Difficulty Getting Around

Mobility issues, like limping and stiff limbs, can be an obvious sign of pain in a dog. Sometimes dogs actually do not limp but rather refuse to do things they used to do, like walking up and down the stairs. They may avoid going for walks they used to love, for instance.

What Can You Do About Your Dog's Pain?

Sometimes, dogs in pain require emergency pet care. They may not have the words to tell you they need help, but there are certainly ways you can ensure that your pet's message is heard clearly. Medical care can provide a lot of help in these cases.

Emergency care ensures that your pet is taken care of 24/7. No matter what kind of pain your dog is in, you have options for pursuing treatment. Take your pet to an animal hospital today to ensure that he or she is taken care of properly.

To learn more, contact an animal hospital.