Your Puppy's First Vaccines

One of the most important things you can do for your puppy's ongoing health is to have them vaccinated for certain diseases, beginning when they are young. This gives them time to build immunity so that if they are exposed to the pathogens that cause these diseases, they either do not become ill or do not become as seriously ill. Puppies need several rounds of shots before their first birthday, but puppy owners tend to have a lot of questions about the first round of shots, in particular. [Read More]

4 Things to Watch for in Your Aging Dog

As your dog ages, you are going to notice a lot of changes. Some things though may not be as noticeable, which could be a cause of concern. To help you care for your aging dog, read on for a few signs to watch out for.  1. Decreased Activity You may have noticed that your dog has had a decrease in how active he is lately. He may not want to play as much as he once did, or he may not run around outside like he used to. [Read More]

Care Your Dog Needs From You This Winter

Winter is a harsh time of the year for humans, but it's difficult for dogs as well. Winter can be harsh on a dog's paw pads, and their sensitive skin as well, including their ears and noses. If your dog is an outside dog, or even if they aren't, they are susceptible to the dangers of the cold outside. Your dog is going to need extra care from you this winter and you need to look out for your best friend. [Read More]

Traversing The Turmoil Of Feline Diabetes: How To Help Yourself And Your Cat Through This Malady

Many cats can get diabetes. For the owner, this can be a life-altering experience. If you suspect your treasured feline is facing this diagnosis, information is your greatest ally. What Diabetes Is For Any Being For people or animals, diabetes is a powerful force. This disease indicates a body's inability to make and manage insulin, a very important hormone responsible for glucose regulation. Under normal circumstances, glucose in the blood is called to use by muscles, fat cells, and the liver. [Read More]